Graduation Gifts

Such lovely gifts.... very special and individual. Great service..... can’t recommend enough. Thanks Sab and CoCo xx
— Dawn Cook

Sending your darling off into the real world, after a great exam result, is something that every parent looks forward to. Your love, affection and tireless support won’t be forgotten, especially if you give them stylish, custom-made wall art to set up wherever life takes them.

Making it through the trials of higher education isn’t easy – everyone should be thoroughly rewarded for pursuing their dreams. Graduation is a massive, transitory event, and your son or daughter will appreciate a symbol of how proud they’ve made you.

Scrabble Art is ideal for budding wordsmiths, or anyone who’s been pouring their energy into a dissertation the last few months. In the same vein, our Word Art frames spells out their achievements to display proudly on their wall.

Before that black hat is tossed up into the air, browse our graduation gifts and cards, which are in a class of their own…