In Loving Memory Of

Absolutely stunning piece of work! Good quality and great customer service! Highly recommend! Sabrina is very friendly!
— Tereza Francova

Some stars shine particularly bright in our lives, warming our hearts long after their passing. If you’ve lost a loved one, or you’re looking to bring a fond smile to the face of someone who has, our personalised cards and framed gifts are a thoughtful idea.

A favourite quote, a memorable date… the smallest details can bring those happy memories racing back. Our unique gifts are designed to capture what made your partner, friend or relative so special, in loving memory of the impact they had on all around them.

Our elegant Quote Art frames are a sentimental way to commemorate a family member, reminding you that their presence lingers on in your home. If more than one relative is in your thoughts, our Time Stood Still gifts are a sensitive way to unite them in your prayers.

Saying goodbye is never easy, but our ‘in loving memory of’ gifts can help you remember the good times. Contact us if you need a little guidance with your order.