Time Stood Still

Two beautiful frames for my wife and mother for Christmas....brought a tear to both of us when my mother opened it Christmas day. Thanks.
— Adrian Rose

Custom made gifts that capture the moment…

Our lives are full of precious moments. Some are life changing, like getting married and having children, whilst others simply hold a special place in our hearts – we all remember that nervous first date!  At CoCo Loves, we believe these moments are worth celebrating. Our Time Stood Still personalised wall art offers a unique way to do just that.

Set within a stylish frame, capture up to four special moments with our frozen clock faces. As with all our handmade wall art, our Time Stood Still designs are crafted with meticulous care and attention to detail, for results that have a timeless charm. Totally unique, our framed gifts make a gorgeous addition to your décor, to give your home a stunning finish.

Whether you’re commemorating the happy couple as they tie the knot, or welcoming a new arrival into the world, our Time Stood Still frames can be customised with your names, dates and times, for personalised gifts that will be cherished for a lifetime.