Gorgeous Gift Ideas For The Wedding Season

We are right on the cusp of wedding season now, which means you’re guaranteed to have a number of weekends circled off on your calendar to see friends and family reading their vows. Between now and autumn is the busiest time of year for marriages, and whilst you may have all your travel booked and stylish attire picked out – you don’t want to be leaving it too late to get your gifts!

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The Perfect Baby Shower

Baby showers are the more-than-perfect way to assist the parents-to-be in celebrating their upcoming new arrival. With the weeks prior to the birth often quite stressful, organising such event gives the mum and dad chance to relax and have fun whilst surrounded by friends and family.

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Wedding Gifts They'll Cherish

Everyone at the CoCo Loves HQ are strong believers in personalised handmade products being the number 1 choice for wedding gifts! Not only do they ooze quality, care and  love, but they are unique and something that will be treasured forever as a reminder of their special day. So there will be no need to worry about including a gift receipt or sort out any returns!

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