Emma Victoria Stokes Guest Blog

The gorgeous Emma Stokes, lifestyle and food blogger for the Coleshill Post, has kindly volunteered her services and reviewed her latest purchase and experience of CoCo Loves and we kind of like what she's saying.  Find more of her fabulous work at emmavictoriastokes.com or follow her on Twitter @emmor.

I’ve always been the type of girl who hoards everything from gig tickets, memorable photographs to receipts, (which is one of the main reasons I decided to start a blog to document my daily life) and I’ve always been known to have personalised items dotted around my bedroom. But since I have recently moved into my first ever apartment, naturally this now means home decor ideas becomes number one priority.

Just before the big move, I persisted with my usual antics of late night shopping in search of those special ‘first home’ ornaments and knick-knacks. But it was only when I came across Coco Loves as a brand and decided to purchase a distinctive personalised frame that compliments from friends and family started flooding in.

Personalised Wall Art

While continually browsing (or you could say repeatedly stalking) the company Instagram and Facebook page, I knew that I wanted to order a unique frame as a gift for both myself and my boyfriend as a moving in present. 

Sabrina Bluck, Founder of Coco Loves is a very calm, polite and artistic person who catered to my every need in developing the perfect frame. I think it’s fascinating to watch people working in their own creative habitat and I was lucky enough to see first-hand the imagination and life that bursts from Coco Love’s working area. Sabrina even took the time to personally show me various styles of letters - both wooden and Scrabble tiles - which could easily be adapted upon request. The amount of love and attention which goes into each frame is undeniable and every single one is more original than the last. What’s more, I appreciate the fact I was made to feel more like a welcome friend rather than just a customer.

As well as being a full time mother, Sabrina steadily juggles both her home and work life with poise and elegance. Even with her little boy Isaac running around her feet all day long, never does Sabrina stop working or does the smile disappear from her face. It is evident to see Sabrina takes her workload in her stride and always welcomes you to throw ideas at her, no matter how far-fetched or crazy.

I wasn’t too sure what I wanted my own frame to say, but I just knew I wanted it first home’ related. Together, Sabrina and I put our heads together and spent some time thinking of words that associate both with my relationship and my home life. I was eventually happy to incorporate mine and my boyfriend’s names, alongside, ‘love’ ‘home’ and ‘forever’, with the final touch of our anniversary date engraved at the bottom: ‘January 2nd 2007’.

CoCo Loves WordArt

I have nothing but kind words to say about Coco Loves as an established and award-winning company and I highly admire the way Sabrina takes the time to talk you through the process, remaining polite and professional at all times. A huge thank you goes out to Coco Loves for capturing my happiness and memories inside a beautiful frame which now sits on my TV stand surrounded by candles and is the first thing I see when I come in from work.

If you too envisage a beautiful one-of-a kind frame that captures memories on your mantelpiece, then quiet clearly Coco Loves should quite clearly be your first port of call.

You can find your perfect gift from Coco Love by visiting their website or following them on Twitter and Facebook.