Christmas Wishes by Hopelessly Devoted

Sadie Jones, lifestyle, fashion and style blogger at Hopelessly Devoted, approached CoCo Loves to collaborate in a review of our handmade Christmas Cards. Dig a little deeper into her recent posts you will find a crazy, adventurous blog, following lifestyle, everyday situations and life experiences!

Christmas Wishes

Christmas.. It’s a time for happiness, laughter, friends & family, sharing gifts and exchanging cards of well wishes. 

CARDS that’s the biggie! Writing out 100’s of cards for people without any meaning to them other than the same Christmas quote on each card! I admit that I fell into the card trap! However I came across some cards which have a meaningful message. 

Want to read the full blog, its worthwhile if you want an honest review of our handmade Christmas Cards.... follow this link and leave a comment on Sadie's blog:

CoCo Loves - Christmas Wishes

There are many more Christmas designs available, plus a range for every occasion you can think of, weddings, birthdays, new born baby's, we've got it covered at CoCo Loves.

Handmade Christmas Cards

From retirement and anniversaries to new homes and new jobs, our personalised cards are available in several stunning designs. However, if you’re looking for something truly unique or you’ve got another occasion in mind, we can work with you to design a card that will be treasured forever.

Tell us what you’d like to say and we can print it inside the card, to send directly to the recipient with no delay. Alternatively, choose to leave it blank so you can write a meaningful message later. All of our cards are packed in a clear plastic protective layer, to ensure it arrives immaculate on your doorstep.

To order your personalised card, simply select your favourite design. Want to create your own? Get in touch and share your ideas! 

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Special thanks to Sadie for taking the time to review our products.

Sabrina & CoCo x