Valentine's Day Advice

Are you feeling slightly nervous about Valentine’s Day? Finding that perfect card and gift, and planning a faultless date can be hard work – feeling nervous about the day just shows you care too much to make a mistake. This is where we can step in to support you. Here are our tips for making Valentine’s Day a success:

The Card

The card is all about showing how much you care with words. Last year I mistakenly allowed my office apprentice to take charge of thinking of designs for our new range of Valentines Cards, and let’s just say he could do with some training, find out why here. This year, we’ve kept our range of cards classy and stylish – simply fill out the details online and we’ll take care of the rest!


The Gift

This day is taken very VERY seriously by many so this is not the day to be cheesy. As much as those romance movies suggest that all women want is a stuffed teddy bear and a box of chocolates, they’re not entirely accurate! Surprise your better half with a handcrafted gift as there is no better way to say ‘I Love You’. We believe personalised gift shows care, thought and love towards the receiver, making it the perfect type of Valentine’s Day gift. Click here to browse through our selection of frames and wall art to find that flawless present. 

The Date

Any date where the 2 of you can spend some quality time together and enjoy each other’s company is a winner in our eyes! Dates can vary in terms of budget, planning time required and originality – here are some date ideas that suit all types of couples:

·      Home cooked meal - this is particularly special if the non-chef in the relationship makes the effort to cook!

·      Re-create the first date – rekindle that spark and remember what you love about each other

CoCo Loves Couple

·      Weekend away – whether it’s a city break or a country getaway, treat yourself and enjoy some time away from your everyday lives

·      Try something new – how does sky diving or go-karting sound? This is perfect for the adventurous couple who love to do something different.

Now it’s not so hard to get right when you think about it after all! We hope your day runs smoothly and effortlessly. For some more ideas, check out our Valentine’s Day board on Pinterest for some more ideas for that day dedicated to romance. 

Valentines Competition

We are also currently running a Valentine’s Day competition, with Miss Macaroon, across our social media. Head over to our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages to find out more details about how to enter. And don’t forget to sign up online to subscribe to our emails so you never miss a thing!