Gorgeous Gift Ideas For The Wedding Season

All those images of ring-clad fingers you saw on your social media feed months ago are about to re-emerge once again. Only this time, they’ll form part of an excitable couple’s collage – with the pair in question finally set to tie the knot.

We are right on the cusp of wedding season now, which means you’re guaranteed to have a number of weekends circled off on your calendar to see friends and family reading their vows. Between now and autumn is the busiest time of year for marriages, and whilst you may have all your travel booked and stylish attire picked out – you don’t want to be leaving it too late to get your gifts!

Here at CoCo Loves, we’ve put together a list of gorgeous gift ideas specifically for wedding season – a selection of celebratory presents that are sure to show the newlyweds how much you truly care. 

Wedding Day Wine Box

Wedding Day Wine Box

Personalised gifts for newlyweds don’t come much better than the CoCo Loves Wedding Day Wine Box. Crafted with handmade wood, these cases are classy and sophisticated with a homely touch. The words and images on the outer layer are customisable too, allowing you to express your warmest wishes to the happy couple in your own personal way. Champagne and wine doesn’t last long, but this Wedding Day Wine Box is a gift for a lifetime.

Time Stood Still Frame - Wedding Abroad.jpg

Personalised Wall Art

With the personalised wall art available from CoCo Loves, a newly married couple can relive their wedding every single day. Our range of customisable frames, calendar art pictures, and wall hangings can be personalised with all kinds of different designs and messages, offering the brand new bride and groom the chance to reflect on their special day whenever they glance up at their wall. 

Wooden Engraved Chopping Board

Cooking equipment is a common choice for a wedding presents, but have you ever come across a customisable chopping board before? The CoCo Loves Wooden Engraved Chopping Board is a completely unique gift, offering you the opportunity to add pictures and words onto a practical and important household item that the newlyweds will use almost every day.

Wedding Scrabble Card

Wonderful Wedding Cards

It can be tricky to pick out the right wedding card at a store or supermarket. When it comes to your loved ones’ biggest life celebration, you’re going to need a card that will do the occasion justice. Here at CoCo Loves, we have a wide range of personalised cards made specifically for weddings, all of which can be tailored to a particular ceremony with customisable names, images and messages.

For more unique gifts, fun presents, and wedding day relics, be sure to check out the rest of the fantastic wedding gifts collection right here at CoCo Loves! The happy couple are sure to spend the whole day smiling, and some savvy shopping on your part will give them a gift that rekindles these magnificent memories.

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