The Perfect Baby Shower

Baby showers are the more-than-perfect way to assist the parents-to-be in celebrating their upcoming new arrival. With the weeks prior to the birth often quite stressful, organising such event gives the mum and dad chance to relax and have fun whilst surrounded by friends and family. After all, this could be one of the last events the soon-to-be parents attend before the duties of dirty nappies and sleepless nights take over their lives.

Perfect Baby Shower Gifts

If you’re planning this special day and need a little help, look no further. We’ve compiled some tips to help make sure the day runs smoothly in showering the guests of honour with happy memories and gifts of all kinds.

Themes & Decorations

The theme and decorations can planned with careful thought about what the soon-to-be parents would want whether the gender is known or not. Perhaps they wish to incorporate a gender reveal with balloons or party cannons, or maybe keep the colour scheme neutral so the guests can keep on guessing. From old Hollywood glamour to Disney princes & princesses, choose a theme that reflects the parents in order to make the day more personal and special.


A baby shower isn’t complete without a few themed games to set the mood and create some enjoyable and funny memories. Here are a few examples of games we love:

-       Guess the Baby Food

Remove the labels from jars of sweet and savoury baby food and everyone must taste and guess the flavour. To make this game even more exciting, include a few interesting (or disgusting) flavours to make the guests cringe in horror at the taste of cold fish pie.

-       Guess the date/weight of the baby

And the results will be revealed when the little one is born.

-       The Dirty Nappy Challenge

All you need is a toy baby, a pack of nappies and a stopwatch. Watch everyone frantically see how many nappies they can change within a minute. And to make the game even more interesting, each person must change the nappies whilst blindfolded.

-       Guess the celebrity baby

Gather a bunch of pictures of celebrities when they were young and guess who is who. Alternatively you could view pictures of celebrity children and guess the parents.


Personalised Baby Cards

One of the main reasons for the baby shower is to present the mum-to-be (and dad) with gifts of all kinds. From gift baskets full of the essentials and toys, to personalised products to be cherished for a lifetime – and we know just where you can purchase the latter! We hand-make cards and frames to your personal description to ensure you receive the product you desire. Click here to browse our collection to get a few ideas and remember we can help you design you something totally bespoke and unique.

We hope this helps you plan an unforgettable day. For more ideas check out our Instagram Page or Pinterest for a Baby Shower board full of decorations, themes, treats and gifts.   If you are not sure where to start, drop us a mail to and we'll be glad to help.

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