Gifts For Teachers They Won't Trash

For parents of school age children, the end of the summer term is fast approaching and besides from planning 6 weeks of activities to stop the kids from becoming bored and terrorising the house, the other thing on your mind is trying to find that perfect present to say 'Thank You' to the teacher who has helped your child progress in their education.

Here is our list of 'do's' to help you pick that perfect gift (with a few ideas thrown in too to help you out) :

Do #1: Personalise it

Personalisation not only demonstrates the thought that has gone into the gift, but it also gives the receiver something that is special and unique to them.

Do #2: Something different

All gifts received by teachers are going to be appreciated. But why not put a little more effort into choosing something a little different; something with a little meaning behind it to show how much you care. Their home is already likely to be filled to the brim with coffee mugs and boxes of unopened chocolates and candies given to them by students and parents in previous years.

Do #3: Remember why you're giving the present and let the teacher know this

This whole end-of-year gift giving tradition stems from the idea of parents and their children wanting to express their thanks to the teacher for all the help they have given. Remember this when choosing the right gift for your child's teacher. There are many things that say thank you better than a box of chocolates from the supermarket can.

Do #4: There is no rule that the present must be stereotypically 'teacher-y'

Sometimes the unwritten rule of these presents being teacher themed can be taken as the law for all end-of-year thank you gifts. Break away from that 'tradition' and get them a gift that is not centred around their job or stereotypical teacher gifts that they are bound to receive year after year.

And now for some gift examples:

1. Scrabble Frame

We create unique scrabble art gifts for every occasion. With guidance from our designer, your vision can becomes a reality. Our handcrafted frames arrange names and words to create the perfect artwork for any home. We also have multiple styles for you to look through to give you some inspiration. These frames are a thoughtful and meaningful gift idea for teachers as it is the ideal way to make them beam with smile.

2. Gift Card

Although you'll probably only see your child's teacher at school, don't forget that they are a normal human being who likes to do normal stuff in the evenings, weekends and holidays. Gift them with something that could enhance their free time ~ this is where the gift card come in handy. Before deciding which gift card to buy, do a little research into what your child's teacher likes. Are they an avid coffee drinker? A Starbucks or Costa gift card could allow them to indulge in a slightly more luxury drink as opposed to the coffee in the staff lounge). Are they a blockbuster fanatic? If so, a voucher to the nearby cinema allows them to enjoy their free time doing something they love. Or maybe they consider themselves a foodie. Credit for a local eatery would allow they to treat themselves to a dining experience courtesy of you. This particular idea is also great if you want to join up with a few other parents of kids in the same class and group together to make a larger sum of money on the gift card.

3. Customised pencils

Something different would be to order customise pencils with your child's teacher name engraved on the side. Not only would the teacher love their present, they will be sure to know their pencils will be returned at the end of class.

4. Personalised stickers

This present is particularly good for a nursery or primary school teacher. Younger children love stickers and all children like getting praise for doing well. That's why gifting your child's teacher with personalised stickers would not only be adored by the teacher, but their students will also love your present. Keep the message simple and generic so the teacher can use them well. Try using phrases such as  "Well done from Mr/Mrs ...", "Thank You" and "You're a Star". It's a gift that keeps on giving.

5. Scrabble Card

An excellent way for your child to express their thanks in a meaningful way would be for the child to write a thank you letter to not only say thank you but to also put their lessons learned into practice - handwriting, literacy and grammar. Your child's teacher will appreciate the time gone into writing it as well as the accomplishment of the piece of the writing in which the child has written. Our scrabble cards are appreciated and loved by many for a long time. Our handmade personalised card would compliment the thank you note nicely - meaningful present and cherished for a long time.

Teacher Card

Hopefully this list of 'do's' and gift examples has helped you out of that rut you've been stuck in for the past few weeks. Let us know in the comments below why your child's teacher deserves a special personalised card and we'll pick 1 lucky winner to receive a card. Also if you're a teacher and you've got examples of gifts you've received and loved, comment below and you can help out others with your examples. Share this blog with friends and family - especially your mummy or daddy friends who may need a little help in this area.